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Oyster Pearl Necklace KIT

Oyster Pearl Necklace KIT

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Make a wish, break open the oyster and discover a real, genuine freshwater pearl inside!

The mystery and excitement that goes in the process of opening the oyster and finding your very own special freshwater cultured pearl is unmatched.

A major appeal of this unusual gift is the excitement and mystery as the recipient opens the oyster and finds their very own freshwater cultured pearl. It takes three to five years for the oyster to form the freshwater cultured pearl.

  •  Pearl Details: 4pcs/lot, 7-8 mm nearly pearl, single pearl in each oyster, the pearl color is the most popular color.
  •  Best Quality: Each pearl has a perfectly smooth surface and shining color, and buying our products you won't worry about getting cheap pearls that ruin the part and the gifts, the beautiful pearls brings you the best wishes.
  • Pearl Oyster: The Akoya sea pearl shell oyster are cultured in saltwater.
  •  Product Packaging: Every oyster is prepossessed with professional care and vacuum packaging. No rotten meat, No strange smell.
  •  Application: You will get a unique pearl for yourself, and it also perfect for any gift giving occasion, it will be a fantastic gift.

1 Kit includes: 

1) Real Oyster in a Sealed Can with Freshwater Cultured Pearl
2) A Stainless Steel Cage Locket
3) 18" Stainless Steel Long Chain


How to Use: 

Step 1: Make a wish first before you open the can.
Step 2: Open the mussel, Harvest Your Own pearl.
Step 3: Take out the necklace, open the cage locket.
Step 4: Put the pearl in, and maybe your wish might come 


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